When you, or someone you love, is dying.

The dying process can be very isolating. In the pain and anxiety of the situation, family and friends can find themselves cut off and alone just when they need each other the most. Often the dying person is trying to protect loved ones from their pain. At the same time, the family becomes afraid to talk openly with the patient out of fear of stirring up painful emotions.

But, as life ends, it becomes increasingly important to find new ways to communicate, clean up old resentments, dismantle barriers to, and find a safe, open, and loving way to say goodbye.

What is End of Life Counseling?

Like Grief Counseling, End of Life Counseling is a gentle supportive and loving process. It is designed to help both the dying person and their friends and family accept the approaching event and open up to the feelings, fears and questions that inevitably arise. This is not therapy - it is support to help you go through a difficult process with grace, love and understanding.

“…because at no time more than at a painful time do we live out of the depths of who we are instead of out of the shallows.”

Brederick Buechner